How To Heal Workshop: Understanding Your Trauma

January 6th @ 12PM EST

The How to Heal Workshops are a series of workshops curated by The Healing Circle to help people learn how to live full lives by providing them with psychoeducation and spiritual formation in a communal, non-clinical environment. Each workshop will be facilitated by Kobe Campbell, a licensed trauma therapist, and Christian counselor. Kobe hopes to make healing more accessible through providing workshops that enlighten, challenge and, encourage attendees to live freely.


Details & What's Included

The Understanding Your Trauma Workshop will cover:

  • What trauma is and isn't
  • Who experiences trauma
  • What trauma looks like in our everyday lives
  • How to identify truama
  • How to trauma affects us 
  • How to define healing
  • Common barriers to healing
  • First steps to begin the healing process

This workshop is an excellent resource for your personal healing journey but is also a great resource for therapists. coaches, teachers, preachers, ministry leaders, and those looking to help others heal.

All workshops will be recorded with a replay available to all who purchase admission to the workshop.

This workshop will be on January 6th @ 12PM EST

**Please be respectful and utilize this training video for you and your household only.



About The Healing Circle

Meet Kobe Campbell

Trauma Therapist | Christian Counselor | Founder of The Healing Circle LLC

Kobe Campbell is passionate about educating people on the intersection of mental health and spiritual health. As a licensed trauma therapist, Kobe's everyday work revolves around helping people see where God is in their stories and how He's already responding to the darkest parts of our lives. After graduating from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary with a Masters in Christian Counseling, it was her goal to take her theological understanding and make it digestible and applicable to those addressing their mental health. That's why she created The Healing Circle LLC, a mental health organization that provides creative solutions to healing trauma. The Healing Circle provides trauma-informed psychotherapy services through its private practice: The Healing Circle along with faith-based resources like retreats, workshops, and trainings. Kobe and her husband Kyle also have messy but meaningful conversations on their podcast The Healing Circle Podcast, which was recently listed as one of Apple's top 200 Mental Health podcasts in America.

Get connected to Kobe by visiting her websites for therapy, podcasting, speaking, training and more!